Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adding the Location Badge to Your Website

One of the elements built into the database is the location badge.   The location badge is a dynamic graphic that will change every time there is a change to the records for the location within our database.   Anyone can get a location badge and add it to their webpage or website.

As mentioned above, the location badge is a dynamic graphic that changes every time there is a change to the location records within our database.   A change can be anything from someone visiting the location page on our site, voting for the site, clear to the addition of historical records, stories, claims, and evidence.   All of these elements will make a change to the locations database ranking.

When there is a change, the graphic will automatically update with the data from our website.

Here is how you add the location badge to your website:

1. Find the location within our database and view the location page.  (this can be done through searching, browsing, or going direct to the location record). 

2. Once you have the location page, browse down to where you see the badge on the page and click on the link that says, "<- Get location badge code". 

3.  When the code page is displayed, copy the code and paste it to your website where you would like the image displayed.

Copy the code in the box and paste it onto the code section of your website.

4. Save your website changes and view your website to ensure that the code is working.   It should display the image, and when you click on it, it should automatically connect to the location page on

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