Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thanksgiving at the Old Stagecoach Inn

On November 29, 2014, Shawn, Marianne, Andrea, Mike, and Lee from the core team investigated the Stage Coach Inn in Palmyra , OH.

The investigation began with a tour by APER (Akron Paranormal and Entity Research) of the location going over the various hot spots and stories about the location.

The team then began the investigation on the third floor with an EVP / SB7 session.

On the second floor while discussing the older couple that used to live there, investigators heard a disembodied voice that sounded as if it was responding to then saying "Hello," and the response was initially thought to be "Hello.".   After reviewing the recordings, the response sound more like "Poppycock," and it was in an older women's voice.

Later during investigating the second floor, a walnut was thrown at one of the investigators on the team (Mike).   We look for the source of where it was thrown and witnessed shadows scurrying quickly into another room.   Further investigation and trying to communicate with the source were unsuccessful.

During the evening, the group picked up some strange EMF readings at various locations throughout the building as well.

Although this was a great investigation (aren't they all?), it was extremely cold the night of the investigation and some things were not followed up on.

Through group plans on returning to this location during warmer weather to try and duplicate or debunk some of the previous findings.

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