Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quick Text Cleaner Added for DBA Administrators

For DBA administrators.   A new utility has been added to the database editors that would allow you to clean up the history and story text quickly and cleanly.   The following is how the utility works.

First, as you browse the database, you will notice some entries that will display the question marks within the diamond (such as displayed in the image above).   This happens when text is copied form another character set setting into the database without cleaning the text first.  (See Using the Text Cleaner in the DBA Editor for details).

To make things a little simpler, I have added the database record number for each history record and story record.   This can be found at the end of the entry next to the submission date.

Once you have the record number that needs to be edited.  Connect to the DBA editors and launch the Quick Text Editor utility.

When the utility opens, you will be asked to enter the record number and select if it is a history record or a story record.  When you have the data entered correctly, click on the retrieve button, and you will see the data being displayed on the left, and an editor window on the right.  

This will allow you to go through the text and replace the boxes with the appropriate character that needs to be within the text.  When you have made all of the changes, you can click on the "Save Changes" button to save the changes.

It is also a good idea to go back to the record on the main webpage and refresh it to see the changes.  This will ensure that all of the diamonds with question marks have been removed.

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