Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Great Pinterest Board for Ghost Photos

Came across this cool board on Pinterest that has a large collection of ghost photos.  I have seen some of these before, but some are new.  Quite interesting photographs.  If you get a minute, check it out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Using the Text Cleaner in the DBA Editor

When copying text from other websites, we need to be sure that the character set matches what is set for the databases.  If not, we then get those diamonds with the question marks in the text where apostrophes, double quotes, hyphens, etc. should be.   This tutorial will show you how to use the text cleaner to clean up your text for the database.

Old Licking County Jail - Added

This past weekend we added a new location to the database.  The Old Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio.

Construction Underway - Current Goals

We want to make a small announcement letting you know of some changes that are forthcoming with our main website, blog site, and social networking posts.