Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Construction Underway - Current PANICd.com Goals

We want to make a small announcement letting you know of some changes that are forthcoming with our main website, blog site, and social networking posts.  

We are currently working on a few things with the PANICd.com website and want you to be aware of our digital dust as we make these changes.  Please be patient with us as we get through this next goal of changes and we will then start moving forward again with research and adding new information to our site and database.   Here is our current goals:

  1. Transfer our blog site from WordPress over to Blogger.  This is to give us more flexibility in posting information on a regular basis and having the information indexed better in Google.
  2. Cleaning up text within the database.  When we transferred to the new format of the website, some of the text in the database was in a different character set thus causing the display of the diamonds with the question marks within the text on some browsers.  Currently we are going through hundreds of records and cleaning this up.
  3. Completing the posting of locations.   Right now we have 55 locations in the database that needs to have research completed and then they will be DBA approved and available to the public.
  4. We have just instituted a new social networking program that will feature one location a day posted out to our social networking sites.
  5. A few enhancements are planned with the DBA (Database Administrator's) editors to allow for easier editing.  These will be implemented ASAP.
  6. We will be implementing another badge for a location if the core PANICd.com team has visited the location and performed a research investigation.
These are the current goals for the PANICd.com team and we are striving to get these completed as soon as we possibly can.

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