Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Using the Text Cleaner in the DBA Editor

When copying text from other websites, we need to be sure that the character set matches what is set for the PANICd.com databases.  If not, we then get those diamonds with the question marks in the text where apostrophes, double quotes, hyphens, etc. should be.   This tutorial will show you how to use the text cleaner to clean up your text for the database.

Basically, what you are doing is adding another step to the cut/paste process.   The intermediate utility will clean up the text for you so you don't get text like what is shown in the image above.  If there is information already stored in the database that has these diamonds with questions marks, it may be too late to use the text cleaner, and the text will have to be edited and cleaned up by hand.

To use the Text Cleaner, you can connect to:   http://www.motobit.com/util/charset-codepage-conversion.asp, or click on the button in the DBA editor screen.

Once you find the web page you want to include, copy the text from the webpage and paste it into the box of the text cleaner where it says:  Type some text to a textbox below.

The settings below the text box should be set to: 

Select destination character set: iso-8859-2

Output Data: output to a textbox (as a string) 

 Check the settings above, then click on the Convert the source data button

After you click on the conversion button, the utility will create a new text box at the top of the page containing your newly cleaned text.   Take that text and copy/paste it into the DBA editor that you are using.   

Anytime you copy/paste text from another website, it is a good idea to use this utility especially on history and story records.

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