Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ghost Tours in Tampa Florida

As some of the crew is preparing for an upcoming trip to Tampa, Florida (as business for our day jobs), one of the things we had to do is see if there were any ghost tours or happenings in the areas.

The following are some of the links we have found and we hope to take some time to do a little investigating, researching, and touring. - As posted on their website... "In the city once described as the "damnedest town this side of Hell," join us for a candlelight walking tour of haunted Tampa!  Experience an entertaining evening with tales of ghosts, haunted houses, restless spirits and supernatural oddities, and discover the quirky, haunted past of Tampa, a place where the ordinary does not apply!" - Haunted Tampa is an independent tour company specializing in paranormal tours and investigations of Tampa and the surrounding community. - This place offers dinner and a ghost tour every Friday night.  Also, if you would like to stay and do a ghost hunt, you can do this for an additional charge. - As posted on their website... "Discover the Ghostly Legends of One of the Most Haunted Towns in the U.S.  Maybe the history of Mr. Ybor’s City is to blame. A true "melting pot" of immigration, what began as an area populated largely by alligators and snakes grew to become "home" to tens of thousands of people within the span of just 40 years."

Myrtle Hill Cemetery - We found this video about Myrtle Hill Cemetery, and we definitely want to stop here and take a look around and get a few pictures.

These are just a few things we found to include in our trip.   We will be posting some information afterwards with photos and some logs about information we find.

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