Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Sullivan House

On November 3, 2012, members of the team visited the Dallas Heritage Village in Dallas, Texas.   One of the houses on the property is the Sullivan House.
The Sullivan House has very intriguing architecture, and although we were not out hunting for the paranormal, we stopped to take the tour of this vintage home and to speak with the tour guide for a little while.

During our normal interview, the question did arise about potential paranormal activity within the home.   The response from the tour guide was that although she has not been there for that long, she has experienced something that couldn't be explained.

She went onto say that during one of her normal tour days, a family went upstairs in the house to look at the attic bedroom.   As they were coming down the stairs, all of the closet doors in the attic suddenly slammed shut by themselves.

The guide thought that it was someone in their group playing around, but after inspecting the situation, the entire group was not on the floor at the time.

This story spawned off some more research into the building which what we have found, which is very little, has landed this location within the database.

Our hope is to one day return to the location for further investigation and research.

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