Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chestnut Grove Cemetery - Ashtabula - March 21, 2015

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, members from the research team travelled to Ashtabula County, Ashtabula, Ohio to the Chestnut Grove Cemetery to perform some research and a small investigation.   Although it was quiet windy and cold outside, we were able to capture some evidence in photographs and through EVP and Ovilus sessions.

Our adventure began trying to locate the cemetery in the first place.   Although it is located close to downtown Ashtabula, it is somewhat off the beaten path down two side roads.   Once we found the cemetery, when then drove up to the top following the signs to the Ashtabula Train disaster monument.

While we were at the monument, we conducted an EVP session and an Ovilus session.   You can find some of the EVPs and Ovilus recordings we captured within the database under the evidence section for this location.

We also took several photographs of the cemetery and one of the photos that was taken during the EVP session shows a small orb in the right hand corner of the photograph.   The photo taken before and after this photos does not show any type of lens contamination, so the fact that this might have been any type of rain or dust on the lens has been debunked.

We also took some pictures of the Collins Mausoleum that is located just feet from the Ashtabula Train Disaster Monument.   We also found it extremely eerie that you can very easily heard the sounds of trains running close by on a continual basis.

After leaving the cemetery, we headed out on a quest to location the historical marker and audio memorial for the disaster.    It was reported on the Internet that the location of this marker was only six blocks north of the actual disaster.

The audio marker is located within a memorial garden that is in front of the medical center that was built six years after the disaster when the city realized that they were not properly equipped to deal with another disaster in the future.

Team members present during investigation:  Shawn, Marianne, Mike, and Lee

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