Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Changes Made to Location Ranking System

On March 24, 2015, we made a little tweak and change to the DBA Ranking system to the locations.  We have added additional points and modified some of the other calculations.

To revisit the DBA Ranking:

Each location in the database has what is called a DBA Location Rank.    This number is a calculation used, based on information for the location's records within the database.   The more information and the more times the records are accessed, the higher the ranking.

This ranking system has not been modified in a few years, and we have decided to revisit it and make adjustments according to newly added features.    The following is now how the DBA Location Rank is calculated for each location:

Demographic Rank (Address, website, etc.) +
Each Historical Records * 2 +
Each Story Record * 3 +
Each Paranormal Claim * 4 +
Each Evidence Record * 15 (Increased) +
Each Resources Record * 1 +
Each Vote * 4 +
Each Page Visit (Retrieval) * 1 +
If the location has a PANICd Pinterest Board + 20 +
If the location has a PANICd Photo Page + 30 +
If the location has a PANICd Blog Post + 50 +
Each time the location has been visited and/or investigated by the PANICd research team + 100 = The PANICd DBA Location Rank

This ranking system may seem a little complex; however, we have some robots that will go through the database and recalculate the ranking on a regular basis.    If a location has a higher ranking that others, THIS DOES NOT mean that the location is better.   This only means that we have more information about that location and it might be more popular on the our website.

You can see the Top 10 Ranked locations on our website here.

If your site is listed in our database, and you would like to have your ranking increased, one way you can do this is by adding our location badge to your website.   Please read "Adding the Location Badge to Your Website" for more information.

Oh... an in case you are wondering what DBA stand for...  Database Administrator.

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