Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PANICd Goes Mobile With New Phone App launches a new phone “APP” for Android devices, now available on Google play.  You can now take the database mobile with you!

The application is an extension of our website database and will allow you to search and retrieve locations with paranormal activity across the United States.   As we update the database, your phone application will update as well.

The application has other features as well to assist you during your paranormal investigations.   There are paranormal investigation tools, and even a mini paranormal investigation guide that can assist you with your investigations.

Browse or search locations within the database.

Use our investigation guides to help you during an investigation.
Use some of the embedded tools during your investigation.
Get Solar Information and Weather Conditions
on the main screen.

A couple of features that will be added in the near future is an iPhone/iPad version of the applications, as well as, completing the ability to allow investigators to submit their evidence through the application.

You can download the current version to your Android device at:

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