Friday, November 30, 2018

Our Visit(s) To The Farnsworth House Inn

This week on PANICd Paranormal Videos – Our Hunted Travels, we have featured the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.   Through our videos we have documented the history, ghost stories and folklore, our paranormal evidence and experiences during our visits on three different occasions.   In this blog post we would like to share a little bit more with you as well.

As mentioned above, we spent at least one night at the Farnsworth House Inn on three different locations.   We were there in 2013, 2015, and 2018, all in the month of July.


After attending a ghost tour at the location in 2013, we spent the night in the “Sweeny Room”.   This room has paranormal claims of a little boy spirit named Jeffrey who likes to move around objects in the room and play with various toys that are provided by the Inn.
We did not have much experience with the moving of the object, but we did pick up some unusual activity with the KII meter (see our Evidence Review Video)

We returned to the Farnsworth Inn in 2015, this time spending the night in two separate room.   The first night, we stayed in the Eisenhower Room.   This is where Marianne had dreamt that she had a paranormal experience of sleep paralysis.   Or was it a dream?  

The second night, we were able to perform an investigation in the basement and attic of the building as well and moved to the Lincoln Bedroom for the evening.   Marianne conducted and EVP session right next to the window where it is believed that the shot was fired that killed Jenny Wade.


For more information about our investigations at the Farnsworth, check out our evidence review video:

The second night in 2015, we spent the evening in the “Lincoln” Room at the Farnsworth House.   The claims in the room are that people see soldiers walking through the room, which would make sense due to the fact that this was the area of the garden back during the Battle of Gettysburg.   We stayed in this room again when we returned in 2018 as well.   We did a special “behind-the-scenes” video for our Patreon subscribers about this room.    One thing worth noting about this room, the bed is really high up off the ground.


While we were here in 2018, we did a live stream from our room.   During this live stream we also conducted a spirit box session.

Of course when we stay at the Farnsworth Inn, we have to have at least one meal in the restaurants.   This past year, Marianne ordered the Pumpkin Fritters to try them out.


We liked them so much, this became the topic of one of her “Haunted History” Recipes.   You can check out that video at:

If you would like to find out more about the Ghost Stories and Folklore associated to the Farnsworth House Inn, be sure to catch “The Haunting of the Farnsworth House Inn:

To wrap up this blog post, and this week we have spent discussing and talking about this location, we put out our “Location” video about the Farnsworth Inn.   You can check that out at:

For more information about the Farnsworth Inn, check out the #1313  page for this location at:

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