Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Documented Paranormal Activity at the Farnsworth House Inn

One of the interesting things that we like about the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg is the owners acceptance of the paranormal activity that goes on at the complex.   In fact, they encourage their guests to document their experiences.

They actually use the paranormal activity as part of their marketing efforts.   Every night during the regular tourist season, they offer ghost tours and ghost hunts at the building, even if you don't spend the night there.

Located in each of the rooms is a journal that they provide and allow the guests to write down their experiences that they had while spending the night in the room.   Some of the reports are quite interesting.

We actually used this to our advantage during an investigation there in July of 2018.   While we were in the "Sweeney Room," (which we spent the night in that room in 2015, we witnessed a very interesting phenomenon.   The shower turned on by itself, and then turned off again by itself just a few moments later.

Now, of course an argument can be made that this is due to old plumbing.   It happens all the time in older buildings, where the faucets will come on by themselves just due the the pressure build up; however, they would not turn off by themselves, they would remain running.

After this happened, Shawn immediately asked the other guests that were on the ghost hunt that night if they happened to see any entries in the diaries about that particular phenomenon happening to guests who have stayed in the room in the past.    Sure enough, there were several reports of this happening.    The shower comes on by itself, then shuts off by itself.

Quite an interesting experience, and that it was documented by others makes it even more interesting.

So if you get to spend the night in one of the rooms of the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg, make sure you look through the paranormal diaries left in the room (yes, there may be several, they keep the old ones in the room as well) and see what experiences others may have had.   Better yet, if you have an experience of your own, make sure you document it for others.

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