Sunday, November 18, 2018

Our Visit to San Diego (November 2018)

On November 13, 2018 we flew out to San Diego for Marianne's Biology Conference.   While we were there, we were able to video 22 new paranormal locations.   We are excited to share this adventure with all of you.

Although we had to deal with a pretty hectic conference schedule, we were able to work in some locations while out on the west coast.   It was not simple at first adapting to the time changes, dealing with the three hour time difference, plus changes with daylight savings, was just way too confusing.

Unfortunately, due to the scheduling conflict, we were not able to go live from San Diego with "Let's Talk Paranormal", but we were able to put together a few vlogs on our YouTube Channel.

In the following video, we take you on a stroll of Old Town, which from a paranormal perspective is pretty awesome.   This is where the famous Whaley house is located, but there are so many more locations we found with a little bit of research.


One night after we visited the vendor area at the conference, we decided to walk down to the bay.   As we rounding the end of the building and looked off to west, we say a beautiful sunset.   We shared that with everyone in the following vlog.


In the following vlog, we traveled up to Point Loma one afternoon.   This was such an awesome experience.   Just in this little trip alone we hit 3 new haunted locations and was able to walk around the Point Loma Lighthouse Loop.   One side was the San Diego Bay, and the other side was the Pacific Ocean.   We also stopped and visited an old Army communication shelter.

In this last vlog, we share a ferry ride with you that we took from Cornado Island.   This was a great adventure as well, but it was the last vlog that we created while in San Diego.   We hope you enjoy following along on our adventures.

Like we mentioned earlier, on this trip we were able to visit 22 new haunted locations.   The following is a list of those locations.

 👻 El Campo Santo Cemetery 

👻 Robinson-Rose House 

 👻 Whaley House 

 👻 Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery 

 👻 Old Point Loma Lighthouse 

👻 Horton Grand Hotel 

👻 Hotel del Coronado 

👻 U.S.S. Midway 

 👻 Star of India 

  👻 William Heath Davis House 

👻 Steam Ferry Berkely 

 👻 Pioneer Park 

 👻 El Fandango Restaurant 

 👻 La Casa de Estadillo 

 👻 Christian House 

👻 McConaughy House 

 👻 Sherman-Gilbert House 

 👻 Cosmopolitan Hotel 

 👻 Cabrillo National Monument 

👻 Colorado Building 

 👻 Original Court House 

 👻 Mormon Battalion Historic Site

All-in-all, we had a great trip this year.   We were able to have a great adventure and visit several new locations that we are looking forward to making videos for "Our Haunted Travels".   We have enough locations here too to create another volume of the "Our Haunted Travels" book series as well.

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