Saturday, September 29, 2012

Warehouse on the Canal–Canal Fulton Part 1

One of the most active areas reported in Ohio is the Warehouse on the Canal in historical Canal Fulton.  Members of the PANICd team visited this location on September 22, 2012 in preparation for ghost tours, research collection and video evidence.

We were able to catch the following evidence on camera, and will be working on posting videos of the video evidence we have captured as well.

Very interesting location and highly recommended.

Standing in the Vortex, notice the Orb in the top left corner of the picture.  We debunked this as being dust or flare since at this location, there was only black light and no reflections.

Look at the bottom of the mirror.


This is the location where “Lester” is reported to hang out.  Notice the top right within the black of the picture.


Another picture in the same location.  You can see where the potential orb has moved.  At this point, Helen (the residential media) has mentioned she has sensed Lester’s presence.


Another shot towards the same direction.


A very strange dark shadow captured while take a picture towards the mirror.


This is a picture of when Helen was channeling Lester’s energy.  Notice the bright blue anomaly to the left of Helen.


Another shot showing the anomaly has now moved.


Ok, we know, glare… BUT… look at the anomaly to the left bottom of the mirror.  Sort of the same as in the pictures above.


Back upstairs again, notice the blue anomaly again to the top middle of the door.  Did this potential spirit follow us upstairs?

We are scheduled to return to this location again on October 10, 2012 as part of the Dark Shadow Ghost Tours.  We plan on trying to gather more research at that time.

Below is a video we created about the Vortex:

Warehouse on the Canal–Vortex

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