Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Changes Made to Website 9/30/2012


In ongoing attempts to provide the best website possible for Paranormal Related information we have made the following changes to the website.

  1. We have reconstructed our blog site into a Paranormal related information news page.  We will be inviting others to assist with more blog posts on a consistent basis.
  2. We have changed our social feeds.  No longer do we post every Pinterest Pin to our feed.  This was getting to be too complex and actually slowing down researchers, so we just disabled that feature.  Our social feeds now runs through the blog, to FeedBurner, then out to a service called which will then take new blog posts and put them out to our Facebook and Twitter pages  and Fans.
  3. We are still going through the main website and changing references to the old blog.  These should all be addressed today.
  4. We are looking at creating caching for the main information page.  This page is slowed down due to the RSS feed being generated every time you go to the page.  This can be addressed the same we did the main website.
  5. We are also going to be posting links and search options on the new blog site.
If you have any other suggestions on how we can make the website better, please post them in the comments below.

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