Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dreams to Reality


Just about everyone has one of those "things that go bump in the night" experiences. Some of us willingly embrace the experience while others have skepticism about the experience being anything more than a leaking faucet or the howling of the wind. I am NOT one of those people.

I find myself to have a gift to embrace and encounter the paranormal realm. I have had many experiences that might to an average person question my sanity, however, as many of the scientist and major theorists of life, well they were certifiable lunatics. Often to be able to open your mind and soul to these experiences, one might have to have a simple touch in the mind. The very first time that I had an experience, I was easily ten years of age. My first times were dreams that were visions of things to come. In fact one night I had a dream that my mother, sister and I were sitting in my childhood home watching TV when suddenly a man attempted to break in our house through the front door of our living room but noticed that we were home and took off between our home and the neighbors home on foot to get away. Sure enough, I told my mother of this dream or rather nightmare in the morning over breakfast and later that night as if in play by play of my dream my mom was sitting in the chair by the front door, my sister on the couch opposite and myself laying on the floor, when suddenly someone began pulling on the front door in attempt to get in. My mother shrieked for my father, whom took off after the man, who ducked between our house and the neighbors and ran down the hill into the wooded lot. As I begin to expose my experiences, you will find that this was not the only time I would dream of the future not the only time indeed. Welcome to my world, my mind...ENTER IF YOU DARE.  

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