Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jefferson Rock in Harpers Ferry

On of Shawn and Marianne stops while in Harpers Ferry in July of 2017, was a short hike up the “Application Trail” to view the Jefferson Rock.

While we were awaiting the starting time for our scheduled ghost tour of Harpers Ferry, we decided to try and take a little hike up to the mountain to visit the Jefferson Rock.   The innkeeper from our bed and breakfast mentioned that we should take some time to go up and see the rock.   Myself, not being a hiker, considered this idea not to bee a good one since we had to hike up the hill in order to get to the rock.   I really did not have an intention in doing these, even if Thomas Jefferson was there, but we had time to kill, and we could take it slow.

The path up to the location is not a terrible hike, but not really considered to be handicap accessible.   There is a slow grade and some sections have stairs made out of the stone.

Once you reach the rock itself, you can see how the trail continues on as this is part of the “Application Trail”.   It is a quiet location, and you can look out over the river and see where the Shenandoah and the Potomac River come together at Harper’s Ferry.   It is a beautiful site to see.
We did not have any type of paranormal experiences while we were at this location, and didn’t even know that there was a claim until after we came home and did a little research.

It turns out, that a group did some night hiking up to the rock one night, and one of them had an experience of a little girl with a small dog following them. 

You can ream more about the history of this location and the paranormal claim at:

Form more pictures from this location, connect to:

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