Sunday, July 23, 2017

DISQUS Comment System Now Added to Website and Locations

One of the features of the original PANICd system was to the ability to allow visitors to add comments to the locations.   This feature is now back, come and leave your comments.
The original system was too complex and did not allow for replies, so it was discontinued.   We then tried another off-site hosted system, and that was not separating the comments by location like it was configured on the website.   We spent several weeks with the vendor to determine the issues and finally just discontinued the service and started plans of developing a new comment system ourselves.   This was never completed.
We then came across the DISQUS system, and after some testing, it proved to be what we needed for commenting.   This system allows for logins from other social media sites and users can also post images as a comment as well.
This system is not up and running on the main page (for general comments) and for each location page, which will allow visitors to leave comments on the locations.
NOTE:  If you do not have a DISQUS account, you will have to verify your account before you can comment.   Please use a valid e-mail address for the verification process.   E-mail accounts that are forwards will not work correctly with the validation process and you will never receive the validation e-mail.

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