Thursday, April 3, 2014

Introducing the - Encyclopedia or ParaPedia


Over the winter months, we here at created a new database that is called Parapedia.  Within the database you will be able to find paranormal, bizarre, mysterious, and  unexplainable information that is gather from posts form all over the Internet and from our personal Research trips and Interviews.  This collection is in the form of articles, factoids, external links, photographs, and we have even started forming collections of related items.

The reason we needed a separate database from the location database is that there is just a wealth of information on the Internet relating to the paranormal.  The problem is, how long will this information be available and on-line and how easy is it to find?  We come across new treasures daily as we conduct research on certain places and bookmarking the information just became too tedious, so we decided to create the encyclopedia.

In most cases, the information is copied from other websites; however, we do give a link back to the original website.  This is just our form of archiving so the copyright of the information still remains with the original owners.  We just saved a copy of the information just in case their website is no longer available.
The items within the database also has cross search capabilities.  So for example, if you want to look up information about cemeteries, you will get search results of titles, definitions, and keywords.

At the time of this posting we have already cataloged 947 items and 773 photos.

We still have a few more things to work on such as adding the ability to share items on social networks and some of the backend editing programs.  But this is a work in progress.

So, if you need to look something up, stop on over to the Parapedia.

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