Thursday, December 28, 2017

Today's Site and Database Updates

We performed many changes to the website and database today.  Some of these changes corrected some data, and others either fixed or added functions.   Please refer to the complete list of changes below.
  • Removed the street view from all of the location pages since Google changed their API and an error was being provided without showing the map.   Will research into this at a later date to see if it can be implemented again.
  • Fixed an error on the location page when a (PHP) function was being re-declared.
  • Made some updates to the new webpage.   Added:
    • If the location is still being researched and activated.
    • Added sort by name, sort by State, and sort by PANICd#
    • Added quick links to editors for the DBA editors
  • Repaired text for the following location:
  • Wrote a new editor for the media content for each location.   This is available in the DBA section of the database/website.

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