Sunday, August 9, 2015

Haunted Spotlight: Chateau Marmont Hotel

PANICd#: 1864

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In 1926, Fred Horowitz, a prominent Los Angeles attorney, chose the site at Marmont Lane and Sunset Boulevard to construct an apartment building. The location was converted to a hotel in 1931.

8221 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles , CA 90046
Phone: (323) 656-1010

Open to the public: Yes

This location was featured on the “Haunted Spotlight” on BTE Radio on August 9, 2015.


Why we chose this location:

We chose this location due to the mystery that surrounds the location itself.  How many things have happened behind these discreet closed doors?  How many more paranormal claims would there be if people would just share some of their experiences.

The Hollywood elite and celebrities who have spent time behind the walls of the Chateau is probably not only in the thousands, but what is more intriguing is what did these people do under the discretion of the hotel employees.

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