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The Haunted Rogers Rogers House: Review of EVP Evidence

On February 22, 2014, The Dark Shadow Ghost Tours/PANICd core team traveled to the Haunted Rogers House to conduct a preliminary research of the property to see if the location would be a good fit for future tours and to determine if the location should be inducted into the database.
During our investigation we recorded several hours of audio on different recorders and since then Andrea Rufner, a team member, has been reviewing the audio evidence. This is a very tedious process to listen to the different recordings and tag the evidence when something is found.
Based on some of her findings, I have decided to conduct a little interview with her about this location and her experience in the review of the audio evidence. The following is the result of that interview:

Q: You are rather new to the process of reviewing EVP and Audio evidence, what do you find to be the hardest task in the review process?

A: The hardest task would be isolating that one voice so that others can hear it. Also, it is tedious watching that I don't manipulate too much away from the original sounds so that the evidence is preserved. It is also very time consuming and sometimes hard to find the quiet time to be able to sit and listen to hours of recording.

Q: During the review process, you are able to pause, rewind, and loop the recordings, where you surprised at some of the responses that were recorded?

A: YES! Thinking that there may only be one spirit you are dealing with and finding out there may be more, as well as, the timing of some of the responses. Case in point, the one when we were looking at the sports cards… That one was completely surprising, and puzzling, because now that you come back home, listen to what was said, it makes me want to go back and solve the mystery as to why I am not to "tell the children" about the card...

Q: Based on this review process, how many spirits do you think are in the house?

A: Well, based on EVP/spirit box responses, I can say more than two. That is if you believe that spirit boxes responses with different voice tones are indeed different spirits. In the corvette room (aka to me the sports room) EVPS were of a woman (don't tell the children) and a little girl. But when listening to the spirit box answers there could also be a younger male adult there as well. Just in that one room. In the wedding room, it could also be a younger male and female attached to the dress. I did hear the brief sounds of an elderly-mother like female and an elderly man too. But very briefly and in small comments that I couldn't isolate to hear without headphones and at loud volumes. Another thing, we didn't get to the basement that night either, so that is a whole other place that there are claims of activity.

Q: Do you find it easier to review straight EVP sessions or Spirit Box sessions?

A: Hands down, the straight EVP sessions. Less noise. Spirit Box does have more responses and interesting conversations. Since I am new at this, I have to learn a way to tone down the spirit box static to be less pronounced during review.

Q: Based on your review, would you go back and do more research?

A: Definitely! Each time I listen to the EVPs, either from there or other places it adds more questions for me, and to ask more specific questions.

Q: Although you have been reviewing the audio evidence from the investigation, where there any other responses that were not recorded on audio devices?

A: Yes, when I listened to the upstairs EVP session, through the mysterious feedback I was getting I could hear a male voice. I couldn't isolate it, but then when we were asking questions during the KII session it said it answered yes to, “Are you a little boy.” Then all the other answers were from a little girl, blond hair, curls....etc. creates more questions... We did record the KII session on the audio, but the answers were not verbal. They were answering by lighting up the KII meter.

Q: When going back to this location for future research, how can we now be better prepared, based upon what you have reviewed already in the audio evidence.

A: EVP wise...I would say be prepared for outside is an old home, walls are thin so outside traffic and sounds can confuse investigators. The house is pretty old with thin walls and sounds carry well. For example, if you were on the third floor doing an EVP session, people two floors below would need to be quiet, or announce quiet time so that everyone know you are doing an EVP session elsewhere. It's amazing how sounds travel in an older home.

Q: One last question, would you recommend this location to other investigators?

A: Yes, it's an active site. Full of mystery and the staff was very helpful.

You can find some of the evidence that Andrea has found on the page for this location at:

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