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Memories of Zoar Village–Orbs of plenty

This one is a little late, I know… well, I’ve been busy.  I did see an interesting video on my flight to Dallas about the human brain and how we as humans remember things, tend to forget things, or have the so called “defect” of our memories have the ability of being changed from how the actual experience happened so I thought I should take a few minutes and reflect on our recent tour we took to Zoar Village Ohio on October 17, 2012.

Although I took part in the organization of the event, I was determined to do a little research investigating while I was there.  I also managed to pick up a copy of the “The Ghosts of Zoar” book from the gift shop for some future reading, and to review/add to our claims on for this location.

Let me just say before I begin the analysis of the evening that my wife and I own a Canon Power Shot D10 camera which we picked up for one of our excursions.  This camera will do photos and video and is small and compact.  The reason why we picked it up in the first place is that it is also waterproof and will take underwater photos and videos which is really cool.  Another thing we noticed just by a fluke is this particular camera is awesome at capturing Orbs.

Yes, I said the “O” word, and I know there are a lot of skeptics out there about Orbs; however, we are also somewhat semi-professional photographers and know how to debunk lens flairs, glares, reflections and other things that can cause orbs as well.  We never claim that these photographs contain paranormal evidence, but once you see a few of them you will see what I am actually talking about.

The tour began in the basement of the Zoar Store.  We all gathered around as our tour guide gave us some explanation of how the village was created and how the building came to be built.  Down in this basement, several of us have an uneasy feeling.  I did as well, but it was more of adrenalin for the anticipation of what we may run into.  There were a couple of shots taken down here in consecutive session.  You be the judge.

Were these orbs?  Did we have other guests with us on the tour?

Behind the store, you can find access to the communal dairy processing.  Dairy products was the number one industry in Zoar and the process was highly streamlined for the time.  Outside of the building we capture several strange orbs that you can see in the photographs below.

These photographs were taken in succession from the same angle.  Is it possible that the spirits where coming out to greet us?
Next we visited the magazine.  There was not too much going on here, except one of the guests said they caught a glimpse of someone in the window looking out at us.  Was this a previous community member wanting to know what was going on?
In the communal laundry area, the uneasy feeling returned again.  Again, I dismissed this, I haven’t even started using the KII meter yet, but here are a couple photos from this area.
These Orbs can be dismissed as reflection of the flash off the window.  Notice how the camera angel slightly changes moving to the right, the Orb moves to the right.
From here we moved onto one the creepiest buildings at the location.  The number one house.  As we approached the house, someone claimed to have seen a light flickering the windows on the third floor.  Our medium said that someone was in the window of the second floor looking down at the group as we approached.

First we went down in the basement.  As we were all gathering around, our medium asked if there was a fire here before.  The tour guide answered by saying there has never been any documented fires in the entire Zoar village.  After the answer, another guest claimed they had smelled something burning.  Our medium responded by saying, “That’s why I asked about the fire, I smell it too.”.  As we all began to sniff around, we noticed that the smell was more like pipe tobacco.    The tour guide then mentioned that the town founder Joseph Bimeler and other town elders lived down in the basement for a while, and Joseph did smoke a pipe.
I immediately broke out the EMF detector and started getting a baseline reading of the basement.  There were no large EMF fields anywhere throughout.  I joined the group where our medium was trying to communicate with Joseph and I detected the pipe smoke.  During the time of the communication, the EMF detector was jumping up to 3, then 0, then 2.5, then 0, then 3.5, then zero… for about 3 minutes.  There was definitely something in that basement trying to communicate with us.

When we went upstairs into the building, several of the guests comments that they were not feeling very well.  We had one lady that had to go outside of the building and sit for a bit to regain her composer.   As we walked through the hallways (and rooms) of the second floor.  All of us experience sudden burst of air rush by us as if the air conditioning kicked on.  Many people had problems taking pictures due to their cameras not be able to focus.  I later asked the tour guide why they had the air conditioning on in this building since it was October in Ohio.  Her reply was, it was not on at all.  We also experienced several spikes and drops on the KII meter.  I was if the spirits or entities on this floor was moving around at a rapid pace and really did not want any of us there intruding.

Note:  These claims and evidence will be added to the Zoar Village Paranormal Listing Page on

One of the last places where we got most of the activity was at the communal gardens.  The tour guide told us that the gardens where the center of the community and the center of the communities spirituality.  The medium said that it would make sense that we would get some activity within the gardens.  As we approached the area, we began to take shots over the garden fence.

As you can see, there were “Orbs of plenty here”.

As we walked around within the gardens, you would get the sense that there were people watching you.  Also, the KII meter would spike to full as if someone was with you.  I immediately debunked that I was getting readings from cell phones or other devices since I continued to have a communication type conversation with someone as I walked off by myself.  The KII meter was spiked all the way to 5.0 at this time and I had no other electronic devices with me and I was alone.  I thanked the entity for being with me and said that they could go own with the other group, and the KII meter immediately dropped back to 0.
I did not get anymore readings until I went back with the group.  Note:  Again, these claims and evidence will be added to the Zoar Village Paranormal Listing Page on

Here are some more photographs from the garden area:
In conclusion,  our tour at Zoar Village was very interesting in terms of historical research and paranormal evidence collection.  There is the definite potential of paranormal activity within this village.  The reason for the activity would not be contributed to tragedy or traumatic events, but it is easy to see even at night how these community members loved their village.  If they had to return to earth, what better place for these spirits to congregate.

You can view more photos from this location on our Zoar Village Photo Journalism page.
You can also view more information about this location on the Zoar Village Paranormal Listing Page on

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