Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Living Dead at Zoar Village...Peaceful? I think not...

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to join an up and coming ghost tour organization  "Dark Shadow Ghost Tours" on their premiere tour to the Zoar Village in Ohio just outside of Canton. I have always heard of the haunting in the once peaceful German town and read about other paranormal enthusiast experiences, therefore when I heard that this organization was traveling down, I purchased my bus ticket and joined them.

From the moment you pull into the Zoar Community, I felt as if someone was watching me, and not in a peaceful way. I was eager to head off the bus and join the tour guides for the evening, some of which were dressed in authentic time period related garments all carrying the lanterns of long ago ( only to later learn that the flashlights and lanterns are a requirement of the Mayor of Zoar Community, but I digress)

We began the evening going down steep and rickety stairs to the zoar store basement where my photography ended up catching some orbs and apparitions in photos that I did not think would come out. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to take many photos at Zoar as my newly charged digital camera was drained of battery life as soon as I took 3 photos ( anyone that understand highly active environments will drain power very rapidly, and zoar was no different)

When we went to the mercenary area where original community dwellers went to pick up dairy, and soap etc an overwhelming sadness came about me and a vision of a young blond women came to me, she was drowned there at Zoar in a barrel. I asked the tour leaders about this young woman and they stated that they never heard of this woman and were confident no one was murdered in town by a local but perhaps by a drunkard passing through. They proclaim Zoar was a very very peaceful town. . .

We progressed onward to what they refer to as building 1, I will tell you that as a person who has experienced a lot of paranormal experiences, I will never RETURN TO THIS BUILDING again when I re-visit Zoar. Walking into the house you are met with an overwhelming scent of kerosene which infiltrates your lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. In parts of the home you smell fire when none is around, in fact the medium on tour kept asking if there was a fire that caused death in this community, again he was met with strong denials. While in this building you are told that the 3rd floor is strictly off limits but there was no explanation as to why ( later a local tells us that the 3rd floor has had many ACCIDENTS occur there, including an accidental hanging...) however I was very drawn to the end of a hallway on the second floor, which turns out beheld the study of the original owner, it still hold his pipe, rocking chair, desk and glasses... The scary part to this floor was the fact that there is a painting of the owner and his wife in this parlor, and when I stopped in this area his face on the painting became distorted in a manner that he began to sneer at me, unpleasantly so. I asked about the painting and pulled others on the tour over to view it, not many could see what I said and the tour leaders said no one has ever reported such a thing...Might I add to you that you could smell pipe tobacco burning and the temp fluctuated frequently in this area... I have to admit, I fled that building very quickly as it made me very uncomfortable.

I am going to tell about one more experience that I had while at Zoar... We were in the basement of the Zoar Hotel, very dim and very cold. Our tour guide told of the night she was closing up the establishment alone and was pushed and fell, there was no one around. But this leads me to my experience. We were able to look around on our own ( there was not much to explore here) but I was drawn to a stairwell that lead to the upstairs of the Zoar Hotel...I walked up the stairwell ( crumbling and unstable) when something pulled my pony tail and whisper LEAVE HERE...

Did I have other experiences while at Zoar? Yes, in fact there are far too many to take the time to write of in this blog, perhaps in another time, but I am left with the feeling that something awful happened at Zoar and the people that lived there, well I am not entirely sold that these people were peaceful and kind. I have to admit that the town has left me with uneasy feelings of unwelcome and terror. I certainly wish to return to investigate further.... who dares to join me?

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