Friday, August 17, 2012

True Life Paranormal Experiences


This category will become an article written by one of our DBA’s; however, until such time, we are posting some personal experience sites that we have found on the Internet.

Here is one called True Life Paranormal Experiences, where you can post your stories live on the Internet.
Some of the stories on this site are quite interesting… the problem with the postings, there is no date or additional contact information to follow-up to find out more information for research or investigation.
Here is an example:
My partner and I have been living in our house for about 14 yrs now. We have had a lot of unexplained things happen here and my friends have experienced them also. When we first moved in we were standing at the top of the stairs in the attic and a cold spot came right between us. I was shaving in our bathroom and I saw a shoulder from the corner of my eye go into our bedroom. My friend Liz and I were sitting downstairs on the couch and we heard someone laughing upstairs on the third floor. Liz has slept in our attic and she felt someone or something sit down on the corner of the bed also and nobody is there. Other time my friend Alan and I were sitting at our dining room table and we heard crying coming from the third floor which is the attic. He said to me "Did you leave the TV on?" I told him no I didn't. But the 2 scariest things that happened to me and my friends were (1) I was sitting upstairs in our movie room on the 2nd floor watching TV and the attic stairs are right next to the room I was sitting there with my cat next to me when I heard footsteps walking from the back of the attic toward the stairs. All of sudden the footsteps started coming down the stairs and my cat jump off of the couch and looked straight up the attic steps and the footsteps started backing up the steps and go back to the corner of the attic again. I was so afraid to go up to the attic after that cause that is were my computer is. (2) My friend Tom was sitting on our recliner with my partner Carmine on the couch when all of sudden Tom said Carmine what was that? Carmine said what? I just saw a shadow walked from the corner of the window into the bathroom. Carmine said Oh you saw it too? Carmine told me that he had seen this shadow on numerous occasions. Plus we have been smelling like perfume and roses. So we think we have a spirit in our house. It's a nice one, no harm or things have been thrown. But we would like to find out what it is. T hank-you for taking the time to read this.
To be a site where people can just tell their experiences to someone anonymously, this is a great website.
Find out more here.

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