Thursday, May 3, 2012

Queen Mary–Long Beach, California


In October of 2011, members of PANICd took a trip to California. Our first overnight stops was the Queen Mary.   The PANICd organization is not a paranormal society or investigation group, but a group that has the focus of documenting and collecting information about paranormal location and paranormal history.  This trip was a great fact finding mission.

We did have several personal experiences while on board the ship.  On of the members heard voices during the night in our state room and another member was pushed during one of the ghost tours, and we had one member get their hair touched within the elevator going down to one of the tours.
We took two tours while on the ship.  The first one was one for the general public with somewhat of a “Hollywood” type production; however, we were able to get a photograph of the infamous door 13, where John Pedder was crushed and killed by watertight door number 13 and later has been seen as an apparition in this area.


We do not recommend the first tour, but the behind the scenes ghost story tour which was absolutely full of information and history.  Just want PANICd loves to see and hear.

During both tours, we went down to the First Class Pool Area; however, on the second tour, we got to spend more time in this room without all of the special effects.  Here we were able to capture some great photographic evidence that will be added to the database archive.

First, look at the following two pictures.  One of our members was taking pictures and noticed a black shadow in the photograph preview on the camera.  She immediately took another picture as you can see the people in the photo are in the exact location and positions.  On the second photograph, the shadow is gone.


Also, after reviewing all of the photos from this area, we found only one picture that had what appears to be an orb hovering over the pool.


In the photo above, we do not think this is dust since it is the only photo of the hundreds that we have taken in this area that has an orb like picture.  Also, we do not think this is a reflection or lens flare cause you can clearly see the lights lit up to the left and the flash reflecting off the tile.  Again, we do not claim to be investigators, just collectors of possible evidence.

Throughout the ship, there are several plaques that explain the claims that took place in the designated area.  Here are a few of those plaques.


Room B340 is considered to be one of the most haunted rooms on the ship.  In fact, they no longer rent this room out since most people who stayed within the room either left the ship or asked for their room to be changed.  The following is not a video that we took, but one that we found on YouTube. 

Here are some of the photos we took of Room B340…


The morning before our tours, there was a fog around the ship (the local call the marine layer) which helped create the following photo.  As mentioned above we have several hundred photos from the ship and will be adding more to a board on our Pintrest Page later.


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