Monday, January 31, 2011

Solar Engery and the Paranormal

It is theorized that spirits draw on energy sources in order to manifest or attempt to communicate with us. This is the reason for higher EMF readings, or even cold spots wherever an entity is thought to be present. With this theory being stated, a good natural resource for energy is our sun.

Our sun emits different levels of radiation, and is extremely active. At different times, the sun can emit solar x-rays and solar storms. This is called geometric activity. This activity will increase the energy within our atmosphere and it is thought that paranormal investigations can be better performed during these times since this radiation increases the earth's electromagnetic field.

The Long Island Paranormal Investigators (establish in 2003), had put together a very good article that covers the effects of Solar and Geometric Activity on paranormal activity.

"It is theorized that paranormal entities (ghosts, spirits etc) are at least in part based on or composed of energy. This theory is strongly supported as many encounters with the paranormal coincide with measurements of relatively high or unusual energy levels (electrical, magnetic, thermal etc) at the same time and location. It is theorized that entities somehow tap into available ambient sources of energy, drawing on them to help constitute and manifest themselves.

We typically think of energy in the form of electricity. Our modern world is full of high electric sources. But there are other sources of energy that are similarly potent and occur naturally. Two such sources are solar and geomagnetic.

Solar energy is most commonly thought of as simply light. While light is a component of solar energy, the sun also emits a constant stream of highly charged particles that shower the Earth everyday: X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays, Alpha radiation etc. It is these high energy particles that interact with the atmosphere and the Earth's natural magnetic field that cause the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Fortunately for us better than 99% of these particles are blocked by the Earth's magnetic field and filtered by the atmosphere (see the movie "The Core" for a fictional example of what would happen if the magnetic field stopped). It is theorized that ghosts and spirits might be able to use this constant shower of high energy particles as an energy source to manifest themselves."

Connect to the Long Island Paranormal Society for the complete article.

If you are investigation a location and do not recover any evidence, make note of the atmospheric conditions at the time of your investigation. Ask yourself, "Is there enough energy for the spirits to manifest themselves?" Could results be different if there was a change in weather conditions or solar activity?

Remember, paranormal investigating is a relatively new field, but with a larger amount of energy to use, it is theorized that the frequency of paranormal activity is increased.

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